Introducing Avendy! Connecting the right customer to the right business.

Want to become a micro-influencer? Join avendy to start earning with your social media.

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About Avendy

Avendy is a micro-influencer platform. Users will be able to earn by referring and connecting friends.

Unleash the power of your social media by connecting the right friend with the right business. You can earn your side income via Khalti.

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Let's hear from Avenders!

Users gradually turn into avenders where they become a marketing champions for the businesses. During our public beta, 25% of the users earned in excess of $100 a month.

Anna Gautam

"My friends always ask me for tips on fashion - referring them some of the product lines available on Avendy, its been a win-win for my friends and myself.” - Anna Gautam, 25, Employed

Prakash Maharjan

“I never knew that my social network was so powerful. I was able to find so many services that my friends would love to use. Last month, I earned more than my salary using Avendy.” - Prakash Maharjan, 23, Employed

Ashma Shrestha

“For me Avendy is a daily app. It’s part of my friend circle, where we discover new products and services. I typically refer the products I love - and getting paid for that is pretty amazing.” - Ashma Shrestha, 21, Student

Sahil Shrestha

“It’s something that we have been doing for ages - but not realizing how much value there is in that action. Connecting our friends with the right business is a win-win. Hence, I’ve been winning!” - Sahil Shrestha, 22, Employed

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Discovering new products and services, connecting your friends and earning while doing so - Start a new adventure with Avendy, and become the influencer in your community. (iOS Coming Soon in April 2018)