Chitooo Mobile Application is now Avendy

Make money using Avendy’s referral platform


LALITPUR- Get ready for Avendy, an android application which provides an opportunity to the users to earn through referring goods and services to their friends. Previously Chitooo, a loyalty program which allowed users to get deals and discounts in various partner stores is now Avendy, which does not only offer deals and discounts to the users but also allows them to make money through referrals. Avendy is available to the public of Kathmandu from 23rd of April, 2018 on Google Play Store.

Avendy is a micro-affiliate platform which allows users to refer listed products to friends and family. For every successful referral, a user would get success fee from the seller of those products. This referral model provides incentive to the users to refer products and services to their friends whereas it helps the businesses to increase their sales.

Avendy aims to help companies minimize the marketing costs by maximizing their sales through micro-affiliate model. Avendy’s platform allows businesses to minimize their CPA as payment does not occur until the sale is booked.

After almost 10 months of release of Chitooo Mobile Application, an intensive research was conducted among the students of Kathmandu University School of Management which led us to discover the demand for ways for our users to earn income. Therefore, beta version of Avendy was launched and tested among the students for 3 months, during which we encountered numerous users’ success. The application is now currently on Google Play Store and users can start making money by making referrals to friends and family.

Interested businesses can contact our sales team, and explore the wonders of micro-affiliate platform. For more details, kindly contact at For more details on Avendy, visit our website

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